Help Daniel fight for Florida's 9th Congressional District!

America Needs Saving

I’m Daniel Anthony, and I’m running for Congress to save our country.

What am I saving it from? High inflation, soaring gas prices, illegal immigration, Russia, China, and a million other threats that have appeared since the Biden administration took office.

My time in the Navy prepared me to act calmly and decisively in an emergency. What our country faces now is nothing short of a full-blown crisis, but with my help we can get through this.

Join me in my fight. Let’s Save America

Raising the Standard

How are we going to save America? By “Raising the Standard.”
Most in Congress today are obsessed with the past: whether they are digging up old media to “cancel” their opponents, fixating on the past sins of our nation while ignoring its achievements, or comparing those who disagree with them on policy as historical villains.

Unlike these politicians, Daniel Anthony believes we are at our best as a nation when we look to the future and what can be, rather than allowing ourselves to be mired in the muck of slander and self-pity over what was. Daniel wants to help lead our nation into that future and away from the cynical politics of today.

But what does “Raising the Standard” really mean? For Daniel, it means working across the aisle to find new, innovative ways to fix our Democracy, Economy, and Security.

If you want to help Daniel in “Raising the Standard” for Congress, we welcome you and invite you to be an active participant in the movement!